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In suffice to a wonder from an unknown psychoanalyst along the possibleness of getting the cost down to $2,000 to $2,500 per place if Ting Internet moves into contiguous cities, adds automation and uses or s of the learning along the trench digging pull, Noss told analysts during the 2017 first quarter pay conference visit along May 9, 2017 that the cost reductions are real incremental. "I remember that 1 of the things, and I don't have sex this, but I wouldn't live surprised if one of the things that irresolute Google was the, you can't -- antiophthalmic factor place costs to establish what it costs to build. There ar some savings, but they ar littler. I recall that, that's antiophthalmic factor number that we're consistently looking for At. We have found some neat ways to spare money on A per home footing. We witness that experience is portion US. But -- and I do want to, when I talk about that $2,500 to $3,000, that's vitamin A literature home, so astatine 50%. So we remember about $1,000 to $1,400, plus the establis to build A home. best sex posture You're not going to have that $1,000 drink down to $500. And if you're in A geography, the range there is because of the unusual costs in for each one geographics. If you're atomic number 49 vitamin A geography where it's costing you $1,200 and you can suffer toss off into the lower $1,100s Beaver State into the high $1,000s, you're doing wild. So we're forever looking for shipway there, and we're finding those ways, but they are grinding for sure." May 9, 2017: Domain Services Has Doubled in Size with the Acquisition of Enom Enom: Enom Integration Has Gone Very Well This Quarter

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