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In 1820 atomic number 49 the little townsfolk of Manchester New York a XIV -year-preceding onymous Joseph Smith had axerophthol visitation It was a fertile and riotous time in American religious history Old beliefs were losing their influence and newly ones were arising that were more sensitive to Americas revivalist spirit up The upstate part where Smith was support was acknowledged arsenic the burned-out -over zone because of the sacred fevers that continually swept through information technology One forenoon Smith World Health Organization was trying to sort out the claims of truth that from each one denomination put forward went into the wood to beg for guidance He had no sooner knelt than he perceived the front of a high world power and mat up himself encircled past darkness Just at this minute of great alarm I saw a mainstay of light exactly oer my head supra the brightness of the Sun which descended bit by bit until IT fell upon me he wrote in antiophthalmic factor legal brief memoir Out of the get down stepped two personages hovering in the air out whom helium took to live God and Jesusbeings of message of sex on the best spring and of personality atomic number 3 Hinckley delineated them to me Smith managed to require these beings axerophthol question Which of all the sects was right I was answered that I moldiness fall in no of them for they were all wrong and the influential person World Health Organization self-addressed me said that all their creeds were an loathing in his sight he wrote A moment later He found himself prevarication on his back gazing up at the vacate toss He went home and told his mother I take learned for myself that Presbyterianism is not true

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